Our goal at Rainbow Homes is to make building a new home as stress-free and fun as possible, whether you’re buying a community home, custom home, or semi-custom home. For us, the core of the home-building process is meeting your family’s unique needs. We never lose sight of that as we work through the process with you.

We know uncertainty is one of the hardest parts about building a new home, and you might not know where to start or what happens next. You have a lot of questions, so to take the mystery out of the home-building process, we’ve created a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Model Homes

Begin here, at our website, or by visiting one of our model homes. Online, you’ll find a lot of information about Rainbow Homes, our homes, our communities, and our history and philosophy, but we think you should also see our quality workmanship in person! When you visit a model home, you will meet with one of our knowledgeable salespeople. They will show you model homes, homes that are currently available, and homes that are at different stages of the construction process.

Step 2: Get Pre-Approved

Next, choose your lender and get pre-approved for a mortgage. We have a list of approved lenders with whom we regularly work; find a list under “Financing Your New Home.”

Step 3: Choose a Floor Plan, Lot, and Options

We think you’ll agree that this is one of the most fun steps! With the help of one of our sales agents, you’ll pick the floor plan that is right for your family and choose a lot in the community that you love. Not all homes fit on all lots within a community, so we’ll help you pick one that is right for the home you’ve chosen.

Last, you’ll decide what you’d like in your home. This is the time to meet with the builder and ask questions or make customizations. Our builder can take these changes to make your home perfect for you and your family. Don’t leave any questions unasked! That’s what we’re here for.

Step 4: Get It in Writing

During this step, you’ll meet with your agent to get everything related to your home in your contract. Get all of the details in writing so that everything you want in your home and everything related to construction is down on paper. This protects your interests and ours as we move through the process. Once both parties have signed, we are “under contract,” and construction can begin! (A closing date will not be set until later in the process to ensure that we can set an accurate date.)

Step 5: Construction Begins

Once your contract is ratified, Rainbow Homes gets to work. We’ll apply for permits and begin the construction process:

  • Prepare the lot
  • Foundation
  • Framing
  • Trades
  • Inspections
  • Insulation
  • Drywall
  • Set a closing date
  • Cabinets
  • Trim
  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Final trades
  • Landscaping
  • Final appraisal
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Final walkthrough

Step 6: Closing Once the final appraisal is at the lender, a closing package is sent to Rainbow Homes.

At this time, you’ll sign the final documents and officially become the owner of a brand new Rainbow home!